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Precision Toenail Clippers - Safely Trims & Shapes

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“These are definitely heavy-duty clippers, and the grips on the handles make them very easy to use. This is a very nice set of tools that I think will last a long time, they appear very sturdy and well made.”
~ Lesley S., Tuiet customer

Sometimes, toenails can be difficult to trim, for one reason or another.

Super hard, thick toenails are no match for standard clippers. That's why we designed the Precision Toenail Clippers.

These clippers are sharp, strong, and durable. They can easily and safely clip through the most ornery toenails.

“These clippers have made a huge difference in my life. They safely trim away my hard and cracked nails with very little effort on my part. I'm glad that I invested in them.”
~ Connie H., Tuiet customer

Unique Design: It doesn't matter how hard, thick, or damaged your toenails are; these clippers are designed to easily cut right through them, giving you the relief you deserve. The blade is sharp enough to cut through the copper wire!

Safety: The blades are made to grind and cut away thick toenails and leave you with a smooth, clean shape. Our clippers are made with 100% dermatologist-grade surgical steel and, while not rust.

Upgraded Clipper: We've perfected our original model by equipping the clippers with a double spring and nail lifter mechanism. It also comes with a plastic tip cover to keep blades safe, clean, and durable.

Ergonomic Handle: Our handle is ergonomic to hold and only requires a minimal amount of pressure to use. It is crafted from heavy-duty polymers and coated with non-slip material.

How To Use:
1. Soak your feet in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. This will soften the nails for even easier and safer clipping—clean dirt and debris from toenails.
2. Use clippers to trim away excess nail residue. Clip toenails and remove ingrown nails. Be very careful!
3. After clipping, clean the blades with rubbing alcohol and fully dry before storing.

✓ Material: Stainless Steel
✓ Color: Black

— 1 X Toenail Scissors
— 1 X Nail Clippers
— 1 X Nail File
— 1 X Nail Lifter


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26 reviews

Pat Harley

Verified purchase

Excellent product for the price! Definitely gets the job done!


Brooke F.

Verified purchase

The quality of this clipper set is outstanding! Very comfortable and easy to use. Best clippers I have owned.

Mathilde C.

Verified purchase

Love this! We have thick toenails and if there's one thing I hate it is trying to find my clippers. The case is perfect and it holds it all together.

Alma A.

Verified purchase

Easily cut my super thick toenails, large grip handle, and excellent ergonomics. makes trimming nails a breeze. Best set I have owned for the price of 5***** stars. You won't be disappointed with this nail clipper.

Kelsea A.

Verified purchase

They really thought of everything in this nail kit! My husband and I love this. Great quality, great price, very sturdy. It literally takes care of every nail solution you could possibly need.

Caroline L.

Verified purchase

I'm 52, which means I have bought a lot of nail care products. This kit is 5-star in every way. I can't think of anything that would make it better. The tools are sharp and high quality. Money well spent.

Emilee R.

Verified purchase

I am so glad that I bought this product. The quality of the kit was so much more than I expected. You will be so happy with the tools that come in the kit!! Thanks for the wonderful product you have created.

Laylah May

Verified purchase

I bought this for my husband’s personal nail care and it’s great quality. Not flimsy at all. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Gladys P.

Verified purchase

This is an amazing set. Cuts thick toenails with ease. Nice grip non-slip handles. Will purchase another for my mother.

Thelma T.

Verified purchase

Pick this one! There are a few clipper sets for "difficult" toenails and this one is great. There is a large pair of easy-to-use clippers for thick toenails. They are so sharp and precise and still very easy to use. The extra tools it comes with are helpful too. Very high quality.

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