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Instant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder

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“I bought this Hair Volumizing with little hope but I am so glad I took the risk. It is fast and easy to use and does a great job in making your hair look full.”
~ Tyla H., Tuiet customer

Simply puff on some instant hair volumizing cover-up powder and instantly look younger and energetic!

Covers thin hairline works on all kinds of skin and colors of hair for unisex.

This powdered mineral pigment perfectly blends with natural hair, making it an amazing beauty secret!

Bring it anywhere for those emergency touch-ups during parties or night-outs.

“This is a fantastic item I discovered during the pandemic. It does a great job covering the gray and almost perfectly matches my hair color. This really works and washes out easily.”
~ Roseanne F., Tuiet customer

Instant Cover & Color: Covers up gray hair roots efficiently as it blends seamlessly with the natural hair color, quickly invigorating its looks.

Mess-Free & Easy To Use: Open the puff in the bottom, dip it on hair powder, and gently tap along the hairline. You can use your finger to slap lightly to even up your application. A makeup brush can also be used for concentrated areas.

No Harmful Ingredients: Formulated with natural keratin hair fiber. It does not contain paraben or sulfate and is peroxide-free.

Long-lasting: The powder is sweat, water, and oil-proof, keeping it dry and long-lasting for the entire day!

Portable & Small - Widely Usage: It comes with its own mirror, and it's the size of a small cosmetic powder, making it easy to put inside purses for an instant touch-up!

How To Use:
1. Open small puff dipped in the right amount, along untidy hair root dipped gently tap, fill out the neat hairline.
2. Or pat shadow powder from shallow to deep at the edge of the hairline, extending hair feeling.
3. According to an individual situation to select the color fill.

✓ Shelf Life: 4 years
✓ Net Wt: 4G Hair-Line Powder
✓ Ingredient: Hair Line Shadow Powder

— 1 X Instant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder


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29 reviews

Nana Jean

Verified purchase

My hair is light, I paint in dark brown. When the roots turn out to look like a propleshina. This powder is very cool all masks and the hair looks garazdo more likely. The box though and came crumpled, but inside everything is whole. Result I'm happy


Shanae Weir

Verified purchase

This product is great for covering up roots, and thin spots. It adheres to your hair and is natural-looking. You can make it darker by using more product, or useless for a lighter look. I have thin blond hair and I use a coffee shade on roots.

Kade Hassan

Verified purchase

Finally found a product to cover grey that does what it's meant to do. I've tried powders, sprays, roll-on junk, and was disappointed by all of them. They were messy and the powder was all over the sink. Instant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder is marvelous. It's clean, easy to apply, and has great coverage, plus it doesn't flake off.


Kaitlin R.

Verified purchase

I love this product! I have thinning hair in the front and this product instantly covers the bald spot and it looks natural and stays on! It goes away on your next shampoo day!


Ellise D.

Verified purchase

It blends very nicely, wears well, doesn't rub off on linens, and doesn't wash out completely during the week. A little goes a long way. One canister lasted me a full year.


Helen A.

Verified purchase

I used to use a different powder and a little brush before but it took forever to do. I tried this and it was so easy and fast to use! Love the little “puff” it comes with, makes it easy to apply.


Abigail Beil

Verified purchase

I just love this product. It is super easy to use and does not move from my hair even if I’m in the rain or sweat. It takes me just a few seconds to apply, and no one can tell I have anything on. It makes my thinning hair look thick and hides my gray. It’s amazing!


Roseanne F.

Verified purchase

This is a fantastic item I discovered during the pandemic. It does a great job covering the gray and almost perfectly matches my hair color. This really works and washes out easily.


Shana K.

Verified purchase

I was skeptical because it was inexpensive. I didn’t want a powder look but needed something at my hairline and part. (I had to miss my hair appointment). This is NOT powdery, is not greasy, easy to apply, blends nicely. I ordered black. This wasn’t a fake dye black or a blue-black. Easy to use. No mess. No rubbing off.


Pia Garza

Verified purchase

I've used sprays and was always messy and rubbed off. This blends well and seems to stay put. Doesn't run off on my hands.

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