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Temporary Colorful Hair Wax

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"My son was in Tarzan and needed silver hair. This was amazing. Worked perfectly. Dried quickly and washed out easily from hands and hair.”
~ Roman M., Tuiet customer

Add texture, shine, and bold color to hair with our innovative Colorful Hair Wax dye.

Many love using our temporary hair dye for cosplay, concerts, Halloween, and more!

In just one wash, the color is removed. All ingredients in the dye are natural and safe and will never harm hair.

"So I always want to color my locks but I also love my natural lock color. This is a great alternative and it smells good.”
~ Roman M., Tuiet customer

100% Natural Ingredients: Made from all-natural plant-based materials that are safe for the hair and planet.

Temporary: This hair dye washes out in one washing. It not only colors the hair but also provides texture and definition.

Color Options: There are 7 different colors to choose from.

Professional Product: Professionals use this amazing hair dye wax! It's effortless to apply and can easily be done at home.

Perfect For Daily Use: Whether it be for cosplay, parties, or any other event, our hair dye wax is safe to use every day.

How To Apply:
1. Wet hair a bit so that the wax will melt in with ease.
2. Place a finger full of wax on the palm and spread evenly throughout the strands.
3. Apply to all areas of the hair that color is desired.
4. Wash hair with shampoo to easily remove color.

✓ Net Wt: 120g
✓ Ingredient: Hair Dye Wax/Mud
✓ Feature: Temporary/Disposable

— 1 X Temporary Colorful Hair Wax


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27 reviews

Timothy Nevarez

Verified purchase

This worked really well on my dark brown hair. It applies very easily and rinsed out in the shower easily as well. I used it liberally for two nights and barely made a dent in it, but would buy it again if need be!


Carlos Whitehead

Verified purchase

I have naturally dark brown curly hair and this stuff shows up like my hair is bleached. Very vibrant, lots of compliments. Washes out easily, doesn't transfer, and easy to apply.

Maia Clements

Verified purchase

This is really cool. It stayed on all day and washed off my hands and my son’s hair really easily. I love that we can color it for just one day and rinse it. We loved the color too.

James Mooney

Verified purchase

Fun for my curly days. When I wear my hair curly it is fun to use this color. My hair is darker so I need to use a larger amount so my hair is a bit crunchy but does not bother me. The smell is manly for sure but fine.

Ralph Delarosa

Verified purchase

This stuff is better than I had expected. It colors well and is easy to use. It works as a pomade and has a good hold. Fun to use and washes out easily. I haven't had any problems with color rubbing off where it shouldn't.

Shyla Malone

Verified purchase

Used on my mom and it was great! She loved it and easy to apply. She did say it took a couple of washes to get out but never faded when she wore it.

Osman Holding

Verified purchase

It was easy to apply. I used it on my daughter's hair & it lasted a school week. Once it was completely dry it didn't transfer on anything. She has very thick dark hair & it showed beautifully on her hair. I'm not too fond of the smell but it didn't really bother us. Most of it rinsed out with just water. No damage to her curls at all. Will be buying all colors!

Marwah Morton

Verified purchase

I love this hair wax. It has a light ocean smell and applies easily. I purchased this to go with my new short hairdo (shaved off hair for cancer). It adds some color without actually paying a bunch.

Francesco Weiss

Verified purchase

I like this product. It’s easy to use, washes off skin with just water and the color is bright. When it dries it doesn’t rub off on clothes or other items.

Naomi Cline

Verified purchase

This stuff is awesome. To those asking about using Synthetic hair/wigs. Go right ahead, it's great. And NO does not leave it stiff or sticky. (Maybe you used too much. Use a little then build on it if you want more) Waterproof. I was afraid when I saw my hands. Water rolled right off but came off easily with a little soap. did not stain my clothes or anything from my wig. Love it.

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